Sensualist Extraordinaire
My repertoire of services...

My overall philosophy:

I strive to create authentic connections, and lasting friendships, with those I spend time with.  As such, you will find that everything about my business is structured to support remaining exclusive, while also encouraging longer, and repeat engagements. 

I am a people person by nature.  You could not do this job otherwise.  I like a variety of different types of people, from all walks of life, and I connect easily with others.  I am comfortable being close to those I have just met (as long as they are kind & respectful of course...). 

That being said, no one can dictate, or rush, the development of authentic relationships.  That is the part that takes time…  Even if the chemistry is immediate (and as a passionate person, that happens a lot with me!), deeper intimacies take time to develop.  I will not, and do not, play with people’s emotions or feign deeper connections with those I am just getting to does a disservice to me, you, and your other current/future partners to pretend any differently.  

So beyond helping people live out their fantasies, I also try to cultivate different models for our intimate relationships.  Our culture (unfortunately) lacks the language and understanding of the variety of "love" and "friendships" that are possible.  While compensation keeps some boundaries in place (and can also be confusing where authenticity is concerned) it cannot manufacture genuine connection or response with me, nor will it prevent connection from possibly developing.  It is a beautiful thing when it happens, and don't let the compensation part ruin it for you.  Your tributes help me be all that I am, which I happily bring back to you.  Generosity is always a two way street with me. :-)   

My promise to you is that I am here to facilitate whatever you need, and help you to achieve the very best out of life...without apology.  I am your confidante, your companion, and your muse…and over time, I hope to create a very different and special type of friendship together.

I whole-heartedly welcome all gender identities and sexual preferences, singles and couples.

Concierge services

As a former professional chef, world traveler and lover of all things both decadent and debaucherous, I have experience researching and expediting the following types of events:
  • Dinner reservations/catered events
  • Car service (to/from airport or night on the town)
  • Travel arrangements (hotels/flights)
  • Evening on the town (dinner & show)
  • Weekend getaways (romantic, outdoors, big city/casinos, retreats)
  • Charity events/theme parties
Concierge services available only to previously seen or pre-screened clients.  Please allow as much notice as possible for planning.  There is no additional cost added for my time when I am booking events in conjunction with a scheduled appointment, but any additional expenses are solely the responsibility of the parties I'm contracted by, and will be added to standard deposit fees.

Personal Chef (clothing optional...)

For me, cooking is a pleasure that is only fully realized when it is shared with others.  I love good food, and love sharing the experiences of cooking and eating with others.  This is part of why my first career choice was as a professional chef, specializing in continental fine dining.  As a sensual art, I find many parallels between the magic that happens in the kitchen, and the magic that can happen in more intimate spaces...  The creative energy is the same, and often comes from the same place.  

Exploration and enjoyment of food is absolutely necessary in the pursuit of living a sensualist lifestyle.  For those looking to expand upon their own skills in the kitchen, I am happy to help teach you some of the more important techniques that will help you build a foundation for your own cooking explorations at home.

Ask me about special progressive dining events, in Chicago as well as other cities I visit!

Personal chef services are offered on dates of 4 hours or longer, and require a minimum 72 hours notice for proper planning.  Please be sure to mention any dietary restrictions or food allergies at the time of scheduling.

Courtesan & Companion

A courtesan is someone that provides personalized and multifaceted companionship in both public and private settings.  

Why choose a courtesan experience?  In a world with any number of options for your consideration, why choose a courtesan? 

Courtesans are elite companions who are highly skilled in the sensual arts.  Like many of you, they are discerning in their choice of friendships.  Maintaining a more exclusive circle of friends, they focus their attention completely on you during your time together, and live fully "in the moment".  They are more than just a girlfriend...they are confidantes and sources of inspiration that are there when you need them, never encroaching on your personal life.  You are always someone special when you are with a courtesan, as it is their mission to make you feel like the ruler of your world. 

Courtesans possess poise, education and maturity that bring with it an understanding of how to beguile and seduce a variety of audiences.  They are malleable in their demeanor and dress to reflect the mood and the moment, equally comfortable at formal galas as at sporting events.  Most courtesans are able to lead or follow as the circumstances and personality of her companion dictates. Unabashed in their understanding of human need and hedonism, courtesans strives to create lasting relationships filled with intimate moments and sensual adventures.  They are fantasy incarnate...and your special secret.

*A courtesan experience is not what everyone seeks.  While some may be intrigued to try something new, the experience is vastly different then experiences solely in private settings, defined by a clock or letters of the alphabet.  It is not for me to dictate what the best type of outlet is for those of you out there reading this, but rather, give information about who and what I am so you can decide for yourself  what it is you seek.    My hope is that we all find what we need, when we need it, and that those choices bring us joy and fulfillment on our own unique paths in life.*

Personal Consulting & Life Coach

Are you in a rut, looking to break out of a cycle that lacks the sensuality and passion you long for in life?

Do you want to develop new sensual skills, and enhance the pleasure and intimacy you share with others?

Do you have a hard time cultivating personal relationships, and need support and encouragement to help develop social skills to improve those interactions? 

We each have different wants and needs, and we all deserve to uncover and revel in our authentic selves, living intentional lives.  I have built my life around this philosophy, and it is my pleasure to help facilitate these principles in others who long for the same.  Contact me to discuss your individual needs and goals, and to develop your personalized plan. 

Read more about my thoughts on my services as a coach here 

Phone coaching (NOT phone sex) sessions also available.  Please contact me for more details.